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Gunsenkhorloo Badamjav
Senior Associate, Attorney

Gunsenkhorloo is a member of the Mongolian Bar Association, Senior Associate, and Attorney.

She had been working in the Mongolian Prosecutor’s Office since 1979 and has been working at our firm as a senior litigation lawyer for criminal, civil, and administrative cases.

Some of her works and contributions to the firm include:

  • Successfully defended “Enterprise” LLC’s, founded by Canadian citizen J.M., rights and had the court render favorable decisions at the Bayangol district Court of First instance for civil cases, Capital Court of Appeals for administrative matters, and Administrative division at the Supreme court in 2013.
  • Successfully appealed the case concerning a U.K. citizen who received five years and 1-month sentence from the Sukhbaatar District Court of First Instance for criminal cases and had the 1st Circuit Prosecutor’s office dismiss the case.
  • Defended a person indicted with murder and had the case dismissed based on lack of criminal elements.
  • Represented the victim of domestic violence at Bayangol district Criminal court of First Instance and received total compensation for the damages incurred.
  • She successfully represented her client in filing for a divorce at the Court of First Instance and Appeals for civil cases with the previous case.
  • Represented a client charged with murder and successfully negotiated for negligence and alleviation of the sentence. She further helped the client get his case dismissed under the Amnesty Law.
  • Represented a German citizen’s case concerning intentional smuggling of dinosaur bones from PRC and had the case dismissed.
  • Represented a client wrongfully indicted for group murder and had the case dismissed.
  • Successfully had a criminal case dismissed on the grounds of absence of jurisdiction.
  • Represented a Russian citizen on charges of illegally importing 2.5 million rubles and had the case dismissed.
  • Successfully had a criminal case concerning leaking of state secrets dismissed after six trials at the Court of First Instance and Appeals for criminal cases.
  • Successfully defended a case concerning criminal cases related to fraud and tax evasion at all Criminal courts and Civil courts levels and fully restored her client’s rights.
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